About Us


If you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and enjoy camping in your RV, we'd like to invite you to be our guest and camp with our Good Sam Chapter. Our members live anywhere from Gainsville to Ft. Worth to Hillsboro and everywhere in between.

The objectives of the Garland Sams is to promote good fellowship and general social activities for members and guests with recreational vehicles; to promote camping, outings, rallies and caravan trips; and travel, fun, and fellowship for members and guests.

We camp the second weekend of each month and a typical meeting weekend would consist of:

Members sign up to host a weekend (usually 2 rigs co-host each month), who then plan the weekend as to type of meal, special entertainment, theme, etc.

Camp sites are chosen by our Wagon Master and are within a radius of approximately 150 miles.

There are many times that a member is planning a trip, mentions it at a meeting, and then is joined by others wishing to tag along. Recently 14 rigs went to Branson, MO; 7 or so went down to Choke Canyon; and there are always a number going to various Samborees.

The advantages of joining a Good Sam Chapter are the support we give one another, the fellowship, and the fun and games. We learn about the care and maintenance of our rigs by sharing information and we have a family feeling about one another. We hope that you will visit us and enjoy a weekend of camping and fellowship.

Good Sam Pledge

I will stop and give aid to fellow Good Sam members where safety and traffic conditions permit.  I will NOT attempt to stop and give aid on turnpikes, freeways or expressways, but instead will give three short blasts on my horn to indicate that I am reporting the breakdown to the nearest highway patrol, toll gate or police department.

If I am broken down on the expressway, I will raise the hood of my vehicle to indicate I am in need of assistance and stay with the vehicle until help arrives.

I will keep my recreational vehicle in safe condition at all times, and give special attention to brakes, tires and running lights.

I will drive within the law and with consideration for others.

I will watch following traffic on upgrades and pull off the road as soon as possible whenever I am causing a slowdown.

I agree to observe, and cause to be observed, all posted rules and regulations for the betterment of the enjoyment of outdoor recreational facilities.

I will leave my campsite in BETTER condition than I found it.

I will try to wear a smile (like Good Samís) and promote the objectives of the Good Sam Club wherever I meet other RV owners.